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Applicant requirements
Thai citizenship
Graduated or about to graduate from M.6 from Thai high schools with grade point average from M.4 to M.6 with a minimum of 3.00 OR
Graduated or about to graduate from grade 12 in international schools in Thailand or overseas with grade point average from grade 10 to grade 12 at a minimum of 3.00 or equivalent
IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) Academic UKVI with a total score of no less than 7.0 in total and no less than 6.5 for each module
Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) score
Admission (October - November)
Interview (December)
Announcement (Late January)
Application will open from June - December each year. The applicants are required to submit all documents listed in the application form by the dead line. The admission committee will assess the applications and those who meet requirements will be invited to come for written examination and the interview.

Applicants must apply on line at http://admission.swu.ac.th during June – December each year.

All documents listed in the application form must be sent to the Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University no later than the dead line of application each year. (Date may very each year)

The IELTS score required for the Joint Medicine Programme applicants is 7.0 in total and no less than 6.5 in each modules. The applicants must have this score before the dead line of application.

The program does not accept certified copies of IELTS results. Only the ORIGINAL test certificates are acceptable. The test must be taken less than two years prior to the deadline of the application date.

The examination composted :
The aptitude test which set up by The Educational and Psychological Bureau, Srinakharinwirot University. Those who past both parts of the written examinations will be invited to come for the interview.
Members of staff from SWU and Nottingham will jointly interview selected applicants who satisfy the entry requirements. Both academic review and non-academic personal qualities are being assessed. The Admission Committee will be looking for commitment to medicine as a career both in terms of motivation and character. They will also assess the students’ level of English and their ability to develop to an appropriate level to complete the course. The announcement for the successful candidates will be around end of January.

All accepting candidates MUST be able to start the Preparatory course FULL TIME starting from mid March at Srinakharinwirot University. The course will run until around beginning of September before leaving for Nottingham.

Tuition Fees
During Preparatory course, Year 4 to Year 6 at SWU, the fees will be charged as an International Course fees with the approximate rate of 300,000 Baht per year (rate may vary each year). Payment must be made in Thai Baths.
The fee charged by the University of Nottingham for Pre-clinical medicine is approximately £19,200 per year, for the first two years and 50% of this fee in the third year (rate may very each year). The fees can be paid in full, two or three instalments. There is a discount for those who pay full tuition fee by certain date.

Academic Review
Non-academic Personal Qualities It is important that the process of student admission into the Joint Medical Course is free from unfair discrimination of any kinds. The Admission process is assessed by

Interview by the Admission Committee which comprise of experienced members of staff from both universities. Both academic review and non-academic personal qualities are being assessed.
The aim of the academic review is to look for and score academic attributes we consider to be necessary for a medical career:

knowledge and scholastic ability
intellectual ability and style
basic numeracy
literacy, verbal skills and good knowledge of the English language
The aim of the non-academic personal qualities is to look for non-academic characteristics we consider to be important in a medical career:

Communications and motor skills
Personal attitudes and attributes
The aim of the interview is to identify the applicants who are suitable for admission to Joint Medicine Programme. No student is admitted without interview. The aim of this final phase of selection process is to select candidates who are academically able enough to cope with the course, who are motivated towards a career in Medicine, who have insight into the implications of this career choice and who have or appear to have the potential to acquire the personal skills expected of medical practitioners.

The interview will normally be conducted by at least three experienced members of staff from both universities. The interviewers will decide on the basis of information gathered during the interview to recommend that the candidate is worthy of offer – or –should be rejected. The final decision of the Admission Committee is deemed final.

Becoming a doctor means more than acquiring knowledge and skills. Medical students cannot complete the undergraduate curriculum without coming into close, and sometimes intimate, contact with members of the public who may be vulnerable or distressed. It is essential that you do nothing to diminish the trust which sick people and their relatives place in you.

Universities have a duty to ensure that no member of the public is harmed as a consequence of participating in the training of their medical students. If your conduct as a medical student falls below the high standards of honesty or behaviour that the public has a right to expect from the medical profession, you will be required to appear before the Universities and your course may be terminated.

According to a new UK law, all Joint Medical students must present their criminal record form to the Medical Course Office, the University of Nottingham before starting the course at Nottingham. The form can be obtained from the Royal Thai Police Headquarter, Section 3, Subdivision 2, General Staff Division, Special Branch Building 24, First Floor, Pathumwan. Passport, a copy of House Registration, a copy of Identification Card, and 2 of 2 inch- size recent photos are required. The process may take about 2-3 weeks to complete. For more details phone 02 205 2605.

The Joint Medical Course is fully integrated, and therefore we are unable to allow exemptions from any parts of the course or from any examinations, even to students who already hold a related qualification, or have completed part of a medical course elsewhere. All students accepted to the course must take the full time study.

Because of the integrated nature of the course, students are not able to transfer into the Normal Thai Medical Programme or other programmes at both universities. If the students fail to pass the Preparatory Courses at SWU, they will not be allowed to continue the courses at Nottingham. Upon completion of 5 semesters (2.5 years) at Nottingham, students must return to SWU to complete their studies in semester 6 in order to be awarded the B.Med.Sci. degree. Students will not be able to stay on at Nottingham for their clinical undergraduate training.


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